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  • Layer Manipulation Tool

    A Dialog utility for manipulating CAD Layer Guidelines© (CLG) layers inside AutoCAD. Access Layer Manipulation Tool from the CLG Doctor main dialog or separately using the command
    (This tool is an integral part of CLG Doctor and is only available with CLG Doctor)

    Quickly change multiple layer settings for large or small groups of CLG Layers without ever having to create a named layer filter in AutoCAD. Just select the settings you want to make, enter the portion of the layer name for the groups you want to include and pick OK. All blank groups that precede those you enter values for are automatically given wildcards to complete the layer pattern to which your settings are applied.

    Optionally, you may create a selection set of entities on those same layers for use with any AutoCAD command. Any settings that are set to "Keep" will remain whatever they are currently.


    Wildcard Usage in AutoCAD

    Enter a case sensitive string in each CLG Layer group edit box necessary. Do not pick the OK button until all of your settings and search strings have been entered. The following wildcards may be used within AutoCAD:

    * any combination of characters.
    ? any single character.
    @ any single alphabetic character.
    # any single numeric digit.
    . any single nonalphabetic character.
    ~ anything EXCEPT the pattern when used as the first character of the pattern.
    [....] any one of the characters enclosed.
    [~...] any single character not enclosed.
    - range specifier for single characters. (inside bracket only)
    ` escape for special characters. (causes next character to be read literally)
    , pattern separator.