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  • A highly versatile tool for analysis, locating, sorting, grouping and drafting of both point and linear features in either 2D, 3D or both, grouping points by their descriptions.   

    ParaPOINT recognizes Softdesk Point blocks, Land Desktop AECC_POINT objects, and the newest Civil 3D AECC_COGO_POINT objects but, it does not require them.

    Autodesk requires an active license for Civil 3D in order to obtain their point object's data. ParaPOINT can also import  point data directly from a survey point file.

    Toggle between point number list and a description list with a button pick.
    You can select a large number of descriptions and use their points to either assist with or automate your drawing creation. Analysis and drafting may be done using 2D or 3D point data or both. Survey symbol insertion is a breeze. Trees may optionally be scaled approximating their size if their size is part of the point description..

    Our very effective graphic sorting technique allows any user to quickly identify random shots of linear features in the midst of other feature shots and connect them in 2D, 3D or both. Rapid placement of features like flowlines, tops of banks, edges of pavement, etc. will greatly reduce the time it takes for TIN development, make it much more accurate, and reduce editing required.

    Place any symbol whether in the current drawing or not at all points matching a description or a partial description. Place them at the elevation value of the point (3D) or at zero elevation (2D) and scaled by the current dimscale.

    Draw temporary 3D circles of any radius at the points you specify, turn center snap on and then rapidly and precisely draw any breakline feature while zoomed out to a broad view of the area.

    Do your tree descriptions have sizes? If so tree symbols are scaled to reflect their sizes.

    View ParaPOINT help file.

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