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Rev. 11/28/21
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    Mechanical Piping

    Parametric mechanical piping design program. Places pipe and fittings per American Pipe Manual© dimensions. Draws flanged, grooved, mechanical joint and welded or plain end pipe, fittings and valves.
    Global Pipeline

    Interactive gravity and pressure pipeline design program. Design and redesign with ease. Automates every step of drawing production so you can concentrate on your design. Automated plan and profile sheet generator produces a good looking complete annotated set of Plan & Profile sheets for your alignment.directly from your design.

    Point Analysis
    and Drafting
    Draw using Point Descriptions whenever and however you want them. No more tedious description keys. The real power is in allowing you to instantly sort and order random points for drawing edge-of-pavement, streams, woods lines, faults, or just about anything else. Does not require AECC_POINT or AECC_COGO_POINT objects or DCA/Softdesk style point blocks to be in the drawing but they can be used if they are. ParaPOINT can read ascii point files, Civil 3D objects, as well as the old DCA point blocks and some other point blocks.
    Batch Script Generator
    BPLOT2K creates batch plotting scripts effortlessly. Batch scripts for any purpose are very easy to create and run. Numerous autolisp tools are included to enhance the power of your script.
    CLG Doctor
    CLG Layer Management
    Provides interactive definition and control for CAD Layer Guidelines (CLG)©. Flexible and easy to use. (See CLG5 in the free lisp list)
    Abbreviation List Management
    Provides interactive definition and drawing for master abbreviation lists, dicipline specific abbreviation lists, and project specific abbreviation lists. Creates neatly formatted columns of text to the width and height you specify .Just pick the starting point, it is done instantly and you are ready to plot. Flexible and easy to use.

    Typical Note Placement Tool

    Provides interactive creation and placement of typical notes (any notes) from a master list and/or individual multiple project specific lists. Includes search and refined search functions to retrieve any note instantly no matter how large your typical note list is.

    Also provides a detail callout bubble option for each note. When selected, it automatically places and fills in the detail bubble with the values you have associated with that note. The option can be turned on and off individually for each note without losing that note's current bubble fill-in data. The bubble on/off status and values are stored in your note file as well as word wrap specifications you have made. Powerful, intuitive and very easy to use.

    Text, Dimension and Geometric Masking
    With or Without Wipeouts

    ParaMASK provides a better, more robust masking ability than Wipeouts without using any custom entities. This gives you complete control over them. ParaMASK will create curved shapes such as donuts, pie wedges, donut wedges or any shape you can make with a polyline with or without arc segments.

    Custom Solutions - Services
    Visual Lisp, AutoLisp, DCL Custom programmed solutions can reduce man-hours to minutes or even seconds on your CAD workstations. Custom solutions are tailored to satisfy your specific requirements.
    Menus Custom AutoCAD menus: toolbar; popup; pulldown; icon; tablet; or screen menus, can provide quick and easy access to the tools your users rely on.
    Drafting and CAD Standards Custom programmed solutions and custom menus together provide the fastest most productive method for implementing your company standards firmwide. Need help developing your standards? We can write your standard for you or provide experienced consultants to assist you.
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