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Free AutoLisp
Rev. 11/28/21
Over 1000 Lisp Files
  • W/ Descriptions
  • Summary List
  • Short Catalog*
  • (Old list but
    files are updated)
  • Required Blocks

  • (if lisp says *.dwg
    not found look here)

    [ $ ] ParaPIPE
    [ $ ] GPDGN
    [ $ ] ParaPOINT
    free BPLOT2K
    free CLG Doctor
    free ABBR
    free TNOTE
    free ParaMASK

  • 72" WM & Apps
  • P&P Technique
  • These are the complete AutoCAD menu for GPDGN.

    The "Main GPDGN Menu" toolbar contains all of the other toolbars as flyouts.

    Each toolbar and the tooltips for the buttons it contains are shown below

    Both ParaPOINT and CLG Doctor are included with ParaP&P at no additional charge..

    TNOTE and additional text handling applications are included with ParaP&P at no additional charge. Our search and replace text function can replace text within dimensions and block attributes. Our number adjustment functions operate on the numeric portion of text strings and will recognize and adjust station format numbers within text strings, e.g. in a station format string such as "STA. 123+45.67 LINE S-1" the station portion can be increased, decreased, or have its units of precision reduced or increased with a simple pick. When reducing units of precision the new number will be rounded up if appropriate and zeros will be added for any new digits required by increasing units of precision.

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